Flight For Your Right!: Flight Suit, ca 1930s

The hunt for unusual items can take you in strange directions. Keeping an open mind is imperative, as it allows you to see something old with a new appreciation. Who’s to say that because you’re used to buying a certain type of collectible that you can’t branch off now and then in a completely different direction?

Case in point: a leather flight suit, apparently owned by a “barnstormer” in the 1930s, issued by the Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy. It has some condition
issues, with some tears in the suit and loss of fur on the collar, but overall it’s a
nice piece of militaria. This really resonated with me, partly because of the wear to the thick brown leather, but also because of the incredible history behind the piece.

Above, is a Moultrie, Ga. air show flier detailing an appearance by “Bat Wing” (Charlie Zmuda) who was the original owner of the flight suit.

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