Sit On It: Plycraft “Mr. Chair” Jr., ca. 1963

A rising star in the mid-century furniture race is the “Mr. Chair” from Plycraft, designed by George Mulhauser.

This chair is most commonly found as a lounge chair and generally paired with an ottoman. The standard upholstery is a black Naugahyde (faux leather), which in many cases tends to crack and split with age. Unlike productions from Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, etc., who all designed with high-quality leather, this series from Plycraft was produced with greater prudence.

It’s the superb design and adept use of molded plywood that make this chair the classic you see today. These chairs walk the line, possessing both flowing, organic forms while retaining a masculine aesthetic.

This example of the Mr. Chair is all the more special because not only is it the “Jr.” version that acts more as an executive-style chair, rather than a lounge chair, but it’s covered in flawless black wool upholstery and retains its original casters.

Prices are increasing steadily for these chairs which can range from $200 to $1,200 depending on condition.

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