Hit The Bench: Workshop Bench With Locker Storage ca., 1930s

Even in a small apartment, it’s advantageous to have an area that allows enough space to work comfortably and not feel you’re going to damage the piece of furniture, even if said work is simply using a laptop or reading the paper.

This piece – manufactured by The Hart & Hutchinson Co. of New Britain, CT. – not only provides an abundant work area, but also has the versatility to be used as a kitchen island, office desk, media stand or sideboard.

The battle scars to the butcher block top and green steel lockers really make you wonder what this bench has seen. The rear gutter allows for items to be pushed aside while remaining secure from falling from the edge. The locker doors have heavy duty latch hardware and after a bit of scrubbing, the original brass number plates were revealed on each door.

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