Where’s The Fire?: Pedal Car Fire Engine, ca. 1950s

What is it about these old pedal cars? Is it the heavy gauge steel construction? Is it the automotive styling from a time when each curve mattered? It’s tough to pinpoint but what’s clear is that they really speak to me.

It’s not too difficult to find vintage pedal cars in excellent condition and even  reproduction versions, made of lower quality metal, are aesthetically quite similar. My preference though, is the kind that has a history; seen a prang here and there and been well loved by its adolescent motorist.

This example is in the latter stages of its second coat of paint and still fightin’ fit. The pedals work, as do the steering wheel and the hood-mounted bell.

Clear a path. This one’s ready to roll…

One response to “Where’s The Fire?: Pedal Car Fire Engine, ca. 1950s

  1. Where as we didn’t have a fire truck, we did have one of the pedal cars on the bottom ride side of the bottom picture. It was light blue. My Dad made a gas pump out of 2 x 4’s and a hose that we would re-fuel at. That was back when kids had to use their imagination.

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