You See Your Gypsy: American Motorcycle Association Badge, ca. 1950s

Established in 1924, the American Motorcycle Association took over and broadened the “Gypsy Tours” that had previously been run by the Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association. These were organized club rides designed to encourage camaraderie between riders and to demonstrate to the public the benefits of the motorcycle as an effective mode of transportation.

At Dorset Finds we reckon if you gots it, flaunt it. And in the case of these bike enthusiasts, they had it in spades. These mid-century motorcycles (and related gear) were kick-ass. An attitude and sense of rebellion was intrinsic to the riding culture of this era, but also a genuine sense of freedom that came from riding the country’s network of roads.

This tin 1957 Gypsy Tour badge is in great original condition and just over 3″ long. Your parking lot circle-work may begin now.

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