Future’s So Bright: Bausch & Lomb Desk Lamp, ca. 1950s

The Rochester, NY-based Bausch & Lomb has been around since the mid-nineteenth century and are best known for their optical lenses. The company is perhaps most widely known for its Ray-Ban lenses but they’ve also been heavily involved in manufacturing lenses for microscopes, cameras, projectors and even periscopes!

With this pedigree in hand, who better than Bausch & Lomb to make an articulating lamp that casts a subtle yet effective amount of light without causing the eye to squint.

3 responses to “Future’s So Bright: Bausch & Lomb Desk Lamp, ca. 1950s

  1. My father in-law had this lamp in his home before he went into seniors home
    We have it now and just wondered what it was used for and now we know .
    Yes it is bright and pretty cool .


  2. Just got one of these at a yardsale for $1 (so far, it’s my find of the summer). Saw one on EBay for $65 and another site for $80. Won’t sell it though, just way to COOL !!!

  3. I have a few of these. I think 1 has a bluish lens for medical purposes, I think.

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