Order in the Court: Vintage Wooden Tennis Racquet Collection, ca. 1970s

Before aluminum, before graphite, before carbon fiber and before tennis graduated to the more subdued, technologically enhanced version of the game that’s played today, there were wooden racquets.

Those, like me, who grew up in the ’70s witnessed bent-wood racquets give way to large-headed, lightweight models that increased power as well as hitting-surface area. No more was it necessary post-game to fix a frame around your wooden racquet and tighten the butterfly screws at each corner to keep the head straight and in good shape for the next on-court battle.

While the game benefits from the changes made to racquet design, there’s an unquestionable warmth and character evident in older-style pieces like those pictured: leather handles, polished wood and interesting graphics.

Pimms, anyone?

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