The Square Route: Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving, ca. 1920s

Storage is always a challenge, especially in cities where square footage comes at a premium. Finding pieces that hold a good deal of items while making sense visually is a tall order, which is why I love this modular shelving system.

These mistreated-to-perfection, 1920s shelves began their lives as factory carts with iron casters before being converted into shelving. They can be lined up, stacked or placed long-ways under a window with a few throw-pillows for seating.

Which ever way you slice it, these shelves are beaten to hell and there isn’t anything you’re going to do to them that hasn’t been done, with more severity, in the past.  Some furniture wants to be mistreated and these pieces look all the better for having obliged.

Each of the 4 sections is 48″ x 18″ x 18″.

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