Commander in Chief: Tricycle, ca. 1940s

Running away could not be sweeter. Go clean your own room Ma...

Arguably, a child’s first taste of freedom is dealt with the arrival of their tricycle. No longer are they dependent on a parent for propulsion and they can dictate their own journey, even if it’s only within the limits of the driveway or playground.

The “Commander” was a deluxe model of tricycle manufactured in the 1940s by The Garton Toy Company of Sheboygan, WI. It’s a larger than average tricycle measuring 45″ long and unlike most three-wheelers which are powered via pedals extending from the front wheel, this model has a crank and chain. Remarkably, this example still has the rubber foot pads at the rear cross bar, used by an additional rider, plus original grips, wrap-around handlebars, sprung saddle and chain guard.

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