Salute the General: Goodform Chair, ca. 1930s

At Dorset Finds, we’re on a permanent search for comfortable office seating solutions to park your caboose. Herman Miller may not be in your budget but there are plenty of other mid-century options that offer great design and comfort without the price tag. The General Fireproofing Company of Youngstown, OH, manufactured timeless classics that are available today at any budget.

Founded in 1902, The General Fireproofing Company manufactured office chairs and desks and became the largest producer of commercial office furniture in the world. The Goodform line of seating was introduced in 1930 and featured a jet-stream aluminum design; a style that works in a contemporary setting as much today as it did then.

One of the great things about aluminum furniture from this era is that it can be buffed out to show its original sheen. This example has black perforated upholstery in very good condition and the seat and back adjustments are working well.

This item is currently for sale at Modern Anthology, Brooklyn.

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