Yes We Can: Gulf Grease Tin, ca. 1940s

I make no apologies for my love of things that proudly show their age. Wear and tear give an object warmth while also helping to creating a narrative. Who used this item? How was it used? Did it stand up to the treatment it received? All of this adds up over time and makes the piece more than it was when it was fresh and unused.

While in Toronto recently I happened across this Gulf grease can and was immediately struck by its exterior patina. At first glance it may not seem worthy of investigation but on closer look, seeing past the dents and chips, there really is something special about the faded paint. The orange and dark blue graphics are shadowed and scratched yet still clear enough to make out. The rim, particularly on one side shows old damage where it was repeatedly hit with a grease stick, presumably when it was a fixture in a workshop or garage.

This one I’ve decided is staying with me and has been repurposed as a pen holder.

One response to “Yes We Can: Gulf Grease Tin, ca. 1940s

  1. Love it, I have one in similar condition with the grease still in it 😀

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