Round and Round: Toledo Draftsman Stool w/ Maple Seat, ca. 1950s

I’m a sucker for a stool. No surprises there. But the Toledo Metal Furniture Company made some of the coolest and most durable factory seating of the Twentieth Century. Various models of varying heights were produced using steel, and in some cases, plywood or hardwood seats.

Compared to pneumatic lift systems commonly found in similar contemporary stools, the Toledo spring-lever lift mechanism may seem a bit archaic but there’s something to be said for hearing that sound of steel teeth locking securely into a steel support bar to secure a desired seat height.

This example of the Draftsman stool is labelled and retains its solid footrest ring near the base. The solid round maple seat has been given a light polish and then sealed for many more years of use. It’s an ample 15″ in diameter and swivels freely. It’s also great to see that all the feet are original on this piece and perform perfectly.

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