You Should Be Drafting: Hamilton Drafting Stool, ca. 1930s

Frank Lloyd Wright at his drafting table, presumably not wanting to risk standing up for fear of losing his seat.

At the turn of the 20th Century, the drafting industry was almost non-existent. But, within a few short years the world shifted its demand for mass produced items and likewise, drawings needed to be produced and duplicated at a rate never seen before.

The Hamilton Company was founded in 1880 by skilled woodworker James Hamilton, and by 1891 the business employed over 200 staff. By 1912 Hamilton was manufacturing steel furniture for printers and expanded into drafting furniture by 1917.

This rare Hamilton stool retains its original hardwood swiveling seat while the steel base, with its aged, military green paint appears almost unbreakable. The lever arm was engineered with incredible precision and lifts/ locks tight without any play. All in all, this dark horse is a comparable drafting stool to even the highly coveted  – and increasingly high priced – Toledo version…

One response to “You Should Be Drafting: Hamilton Drafting Stool, ca. 1930s

  1. Nice stool. I ran across a Dietzgen portable drafting table yesterday, picked it up…and put it back….remorseful. Now I think of what a great table top it could’ve made. Rrrrr. I did leave with a great antique beveled mirror with a rough wooden frame though. Living and learning, that’s what it’s all about (or maybe it’s the Hokey Pokey).

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