Pairing Off: Set of Toledo Draftsman Stools, ca. 1940s

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, the stools above will not be unfamiliar. Dorset Finds has shone the spotlight on the highly coveted Draftsman stool, manufactured by the Toledo Metal Furniture Co. — or Toledo stool — many times, and we’re always pleased to bring you an unusual or rare configuration of this classic.

Ergonomics and the Machine Age are not often thought of in the same context, but this is one area where the Toledo stool shines. The curved steel arm brace holds the bent plywood back, providing support to the lower back without being too rigid. With a turn of the round knob that holds the backrest in place, the user can click the mechanism up or down for the desired position. In addition, this particular model has a 21″ in diameter footrest ring rather than the usual 16″, thereby providing greater foot and leg support. Already a powerhouse of versatility and function, this piece boasts enhanced mobility via the smooth rolling casters, which — like modern office chairs — allow one to move short distances without even having to get up.

Please though, no office hockey

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