Fast Times: Rollfast Bicycle By Harris, ca. 1930s

De Lancey Harris founded the D.P. Harris Hardware & Manufacturing Co. in 1895, later entrusting his son, George D. Harris — and subsequently, grandsons Del and Tom Harris — to manage the family business. Rollfast was but one of the bicycle brands Harris owned, but it garnered the most renown. They teamed up with the H.P. Snyder Manufacturing Company in the early 1900s, with Snyder taking on the responsibility of manufacturing, while Harris provided some of the parts and marketed their lines of bicycles. In the 1930s, Snyder began fabricating bicycles for other retailers, such as Montgomery Ward, which sold them under the Hawthorne name.

While rough, this un-badged Rollfast example embodies the design style of the period: wooden and steel rims, correct neck and skip-tooth sprocket. The frame has been repainted black, and the Goodyear tires are, well, tired. Nevertheless, this bicycle is a survivor and worthy of either restoration or just resting in a quiet corner to be admired.

*A special shout out to Billy at Red Lantern Bicycles for his help in identifying this item!

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