Too Cool for Stool: Toledo Draftsman Stool, ca. 1920s

The predecessor to the more familiar, adjustable Draftsman stool, this early Uhl version rests at a fixed seat height of 27 inches. Rather than utilizing a spring lever to adjust the level, this example, which dates from approximately 1915 to 1920, requires the removal of four bolts from a steel grid connected to the chair’s base.

The differences don’t end there. The bent plywood seat and back are almost twice the thickness of the newer maple versions. There’s also a depth and richness to the wood grain not found in newer varieties. A butterfly screw — rather than a round, molded plastic grip — holds the adjustment bracket to the backrest (missing is a silver bead that should cap the end of the bolt). Instead of large pivoting glides, smaller, more primitive, stationary feet protrude from the leg shaft. The gray steel base has seen its fair share of factory-floor mishaps, but the integrity and durability of this piece remains.

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