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Heavy Medication: Illuminated Drugs Sign, ca. 1940s

Here in the U.S., drug stores can be spectacularly confounding. Walking the aisles, one can find vitamins, supplements, bandages, ointments… or speak to a medically trained expert, qualified in dispensing hundreds of varieties of pharmaceuticals. Then again, at the same store one can grab a pack of cigarettes, a Snuggie and a 4 lb. bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Perhaps the business model is based on the consumer abusing one set of “products” and then remedying their ailment with another set?

Here we have a double-sided, lighted advertising sign that would have hung outside a drug store in the 1940s. The casing is wood and the glass areas possess hand-painted lettering that has gradually dried out and peeled, leaving a beautifully distressed window through which the porcelain light sockets can be seen.

This item is currently available for purchase at Modern Anthology.

Hearts and Minds: Classroom Biology Chart, ca. 1940s

Thoughts of 10th grade biology class came flooding back to me upon spotting this WWII era chart which illustrates in raised relief, the circulatory and respiratory systems, the brain and the heart.

Made in Italy, this piece possesses fresh, bright colors applied to molded plastic. The frame is metal (pitted and showing rust spots) and includes two small hooks for easy hanging.

After giving myself a quick quiz, it’s apparent I no longer have the ability I once did to recall the various terminology associated with each diagram so please don’t tell my 10th grade teacher!