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I Don’t Want Your Photograph: Panoramic Black & White Railroad Staff Photo, ca. 1908

There are certainly times when seeking out items for this blog, the hunt takes me to places with absolutely no promise of finding anything special. Without a love of “the hunt” the process falls apart because 9 times out of 10, what you end up finding is a whole lot of not much.

Fortunately, while rummaging through a barn in Ohio recently, I came across this beautiful panoramic photo (40″ x 11″) of what appears to be employees of a railroad outside a train station. Though it’s difficult to detail the provenance of this image, you can see that the staff are decorated in medals suggesting that there was perhaps a commemoration of the railroad or perhaps the opening of a new line.

What else is clear is that many of these individuals were not getting enough fiber in their diets.

Regardless, what a dapper bunch and what a cool wall image to display!